Improving Productivity Using OneNote

February 01, 2021
60 Mins
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Capture Just About Anything in OneNote – Notes, Audio, Sketch, Pictures, Videos, Document –And Share with Colleagues for Real-Time Collaboration.

OneNote will help you keep track of different types of information, such as researching products you need to buy, storing info on items you already bought, web sites you need to spend time on, articles you need to read, meeting notes you need to keep and refer to, and of course, images and audio for any of this. It's flexible enough to let you work using the GTD methodology in the way you want. However, do you know how to turn OneNote into the ultimate tool and get things done?

OneNote eliminates sticky notes, replaces paper notepads, and even streamlines the organizing of projects, research, and tasks in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Outlook. If you want to save time planning, organizing, and searching for information, you won’t find a more useful tool than OneNote. 

If you want to know how to use it properly, register for this pre-recorded webinar, presented by our expert Microsoft Office trainer, for a comprehensive understanding of OneNote that will take you from newbie to expert in just 60 minutes. Our expert will show you how to get more efficient, effective, and creative as she walks you through the ins and outs of OneNote, and demonstrates how it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and YouTube. You will learn how to set up Notebooks for personal and professional tasks, bring together files from Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and the web (including YouTube), and use the task management features to execute multiple tasks. You’ll also know how to customize Notebook sections, create individual folders, take QuickNotes of random thoughts and information to keep them handy for instant retrieval.

This webinar is designed to help you access your notes from a wide range of devices. You will be able to estimate your workload demands, meet your deadlines, and make solid time-management principles productively work for you.

Webinar Agenda
  • How to set up various Notebooks for diverse areas of your professional and personal life
  • How to gather information and bring together files from Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and the Web, including YouTube
  • How to use the task management features of OneNote
  • How to customize Notebook sections
  • How to use tailor commands on the Quick Access Toolbar
  • How to create individual folders for Internet research 
  • How to speed up collaboration by sharing Notebooks
  • How to take advantage of unique drawing, sketching, and handwritten notes
  • How to explore the record functions and take lecture notes
  • How to take QuickNotes of random thoughts and information and keep them handy for immediate retrieval
Who Should Attend
  • All employees and managers in your IT department
  • Technology team – web developers, project managers and project members
  • Team members and leaders
  • Office administrators, secretarial personnel
  • Finance and accounting personnel and managers
  • Marketing & sales professionals and managers
  • HR employees and managers
  • General managers
  • Operations managers
  • Manufacturing managers
  • Entrepreneurs & Business owners
  • Researchers
  • Educators