Pre-Authorization Requests: Guidelines & Requirements; And How to Resolve Appeal Denials Effectively!

February 01, 2021
60 Mins
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Create Proper Pre-authorization Requests; Get Clarity About Guidelines & Requirements; And Identify Areas of Risks!

Physicians and clinical staff spend a significant amount of energy and resources on addressing pre-authorization requests. This not only drives up the administrative costs for healthcare providers, but also results in having less time to treat patients. This is a pain point for patients, providers and payers. A large part of claim denials occur due to the lack of up-front clarity about the guidelines and requirements – and can be avoided easily.

Join this webinar and understand how you can obtain the necessary pre-authorization information on the first visit of patient itself, while ensuring they have the best chance of being successful. Our speaker of the session will share the know-how that you can use to streamline your internal processes. She’ll guide you about what exactly payers are looking for, how to identify areas of risk within the practice, how to appeal a denied authorization – and what information to send to get it overturned. You will learn how to create workflows to manage your office, your patients and your time more efficiently, and how to utilize live representatives, online portals, and forms to your advantage.

The speaker will also guide you to work through your pre-authorization requests and improve your chances of success. This session will help you to learn how to work with payers across different avenues, discover the pros and cons of each form of contact, and understand how to organize your information systematically.

The objective and outcome of this webinar is to make you trained, so you request proper authorizations, appeal denied authorizations correctly, improve patient satisfaction, and manage your time and your work more efficiently.


Webinar Objectives
  • Provide you with the knowledge of what payers are looking for
  • Help you to streamline internal processes
  • Guide you to appeal a denied authorization properly
  • Train you on how to identify areas of risk
  • Enable you to know the pros and cons of each type of pre authorization request
  • Make you feel confident about the documentation you are submitting for various authorization requests
  • Guide you on how to obtain correct information from patients so you have everything you need to request authorizations
Webinar Agenda
  • Referrals and pre-authorization - details defined
  • Creating efficient workflow: Recommended items for workflow creation and approval success
  • Obtaining correct info
  • Insurance verification
  • Organizing payer info
  • Documentation recommendations ESI, TFESI
  • Dealing with external companies and auths
  • Live rep authorizations
  • How to appeal a denied authorization; Denial trends
  • Utilizing online portals
Who Should Attend
  • Office managers & Administrators
  • Billing managers and staff
  • Pre-authorization staff

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